Trademark Rates

Clearance Search & Trademark Registration

$929.00 Plus Government Fees

Our flat fee trademark rate service package ensures transparent, understandable billing. The flat fee trademark rate gives you the comfort of not worrying that you will be nickel-and-dimed to death.

The flat fee of $929.00 includes the following: 

  • Initial trademark clearance search of Federal and State trademark registries, along with business registrations, internet domain names, social media usages, and other risk areas. 
  • Detailed initial consultation discussion with Michigan Licensed Attorney John Hilla regarding your proposed mark. We will also discuss your business, your products or servicers, and any potential obstacles. All costs of the process will also be discussed in detail.
  • Drafting, review, and filing of your Federal Trademark Application with the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO). 
  • Responses to “Non-Substantive” Office Actions (USPTO refusals and requirements). 
  • Mailing of your successful Trademark Registration Certificate. 

Each step along the way, the Client is informed of search results, application progress, and status, applicable deadlines.

We work hard to ensure that no client is unaware of the status of their application.

Hourly attorney fees apply for responses to post-application Substantive Office Actions, Oppositions, and other litigation. 

Register Your Trademark Now

Step 1: Visit our “Contact Us” page to complete web-form and schedule your Initial Consultation with Attorney Hilla.

Step 2: Pay the $100.00 trademark consultation fee via the LawPay link below or from the Contact Us page.

Step 3: We will then contact you to schedule the time and date of our meeting.

Note that the meeting will be scheduled out at least 3 business days due to payment processing time.


The Hilla Law Firm, PLLC charges a $100.00 consultation fee because we are confident in the information that we will provide you.

Our initial consultations do not consist of mere, one-sided information gathering and a perfunctory cost estimate. We will actually discuss your trademark, your business, your goals, and the trademark registration process in great detail.

You will walk out of our trademark consultation knowing much more than you did when you walked in.

If you decide to retain us, the $100.00 is applied to the $929.00 trademark fee.

In other words, you lose nothing.

The Initial Consultation Fee is non-refundable if you do not retain us or do not appear for the consultation.  

Payments are accepted Electronically via LawPay, below. 

Lawpay trademark payment


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