Attorney John Hilla Quoted in the Detroit Free Press

Image by chapay from Pixabay

Attorney John Hilla was quoted in The Detroit Free Press on August 19, 2021 regarding the General Motors-Ford Motor Co. trademark dispute and the nature of trademark protection in US law.

Attorney Hilla described the basic trademark registration process:

The process to get a word or phrase trademarked is fairly straightforward, lawyer Hilla said. An examiner reviews an application for a trademark. If the examiner thinks it poses a problem, where consumers will be confused or it’s non-descriptive or is inappropriate, the examiner will file a refusal. The applicant has a set time (usually six months) to file a response.

“If the examiner approves the application, it goes on to a publication phase where there is a 30-day window where people can file opposition to the applicant, Hilla said. But if it passes that, the registration is issued.”

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