Trademark Registration Attorneys

The Hilla Law Firm will register your Federal trademark and help you to maintain and protect it for the life of its commercial use.

Trademark registration ensures that only you have the legal right to use your business or product name or logo.

Registration protects you from infringement, knock-offs, and customer confusion.

Successful registration provides:

  • The right to exclusive use of the mark across all 50 states;
  • Your legal presumption of ownership;
  • A legal presumption of the exclusive right to use the mark;
  • Proof of your ownership listed online with the USPTO;
  • The right to sue for infringement in Federal court;
  • Ease of registration in foreign countries;
  • The right to use the ® symbol alongside the mark.

The instinct to try to DIY your trademark registration without the assistance of a licensed attorney is natural. However, why risk the brand you need to function?

Only a US-licensed attorney can present arguments on your behalf before the USPTO.

The services of a trademark lawyer will maximize your odds of USPTO approval.

A trademark attorney will run a thorough clearance search of your proposed mark prior to filing an application. This ensures that you are aware of possible issues before filing.

You will know what your risks are if you have retained a knowledgeable attorney. 

Retaining a licensed attorney to draft, file, and prosecute your trademark registration application will ensure that you are prepared from the start to litigate as needed.

The Hilla Law Firm can help you succeed. 

We are located in the Metro Detroit area of Michigan. However, we represent clients for clients nationally.

If you are a foreign trademark owner seeking to register in the United States, contact us to assist. Foreign-domiciled applicants MUST be represented by a licensed US attorney.

All client meetings conducted virtually. 

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