Stopping Collection Lawsuits & Collector Harassment

Stopping Collection Lawsuits & Collection Harassment

Collection lawsuits and collection harassment can be an aggravating and even maddening fact of life once debt reaches an unmanageable level. Either a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing is a guaranteed means of stopping both an ongoing or imminent collection or other lawsuit and to stop telephone and other collector harassment.

The moment you file a bankruptcy petition, a “master injunction” under Federal law called the Automatic Stay Against Collections is enforced against all of your creditors, preventing them from taking any action constituting the collection of a debt, or even from failing to stop ongoing actions constituting the collection of a debt, including collection lawsuits, phone-calls, letters, garnishment, repossession of vehicles, foreclosures, and more.

A bankruptcy filing will require the local district court to close any ongoing collection lawsuit down entirely the moment it is notified of the bankruptcy filing. A collector who calls you or mails you a letter after you file a bankruptcy is in violation of the automatic stay and liable for sanctions and other damages.

The Hilla Law Firm is experienced in getting collection lawsuits closed and in pursuing creditors who attempt to collect from you or who harass you after a bankruptcy filing. Attorney John Hilla recently obtained a judgment in Bankruptcy Court for $5,000 against a creditor who, once notified of a Chapter 7 filing, failed to stop a collector’s process server from interrupting a client’s child’s birthday party.

We work hard and aggressively to stop collection lawsuits and harassment down the moment you retain us, even before you file your actual petition.

If you are suffering creditor harassment, don’t wait until you have a default judgment to speak with us about the possibility of bankruptcy. Contact us to schedule a free, initial consultation now.

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